Art, Design & Coffee

Relationships is a convivial showroom and store for art and design, with coffee bar, founded by Nina Schwarz and Su Beyazit. This concept-driven space celebrates appreciation, dialog, and the discovery of dynamic new talent. Situated in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, we encourage engagement with aesthetic objects that are both beautiful and functional, well-designed and approachable. Featuring rotating works from studios across art and design, clients can enjoy a selection that is both international and local, focused on the domestic and livable, including art, furniture, lighting, plant accessories, and more.

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NIna Schwarz

Nina Schwarz was born outside of Cologne, Germany. Fascinated by art, museums, and metropolitanism since childhood, Nina moved to New York in 2006 to attend Parsons, The New School for Design. She enrolled in the Integrated Design program to focus on art and art history where she also met Beyazit. After graduating in 2010, Schwarz worked at several galleries, including Gavin Brown’s enterprise and Salon 94 (both NYC) and 356 S. Mission Rd. (Los Angeles) to deepen her appreciation of art while working closely with artists on realizing their desires and vision.


Su Beyazit

Su Beyazit was born in Adana, Turkey and moved to the United States with her mother and older sister when she was five. Raised in North Carolina, Su showed an early interest in art and design which led her to complete RISD’s summer program, and enroll at Parsons, The New School for Design, where she studied Integrated Design with Susan Cianciolo and Pascale Gatzen, among others. With a focus on fashion design, Beyazit worked with several fashion houses in the city before opening her own vintage store and hair salon Su'juk, after her childhood nickname. Su'juk has been a staple of the Clinton Hill neighborhood since 2012 and is a destination for neighbors and friends alike.